Human Energetics - A Fast Track to Business Success

Human Energetics - A Fast Track to Business Success is the first in what will be a series of transformational products that change the business trajectory of their users by changing their consciousness and energy. It builds upon 16 years of pioneering research within Life Energy Coaching into intentional imprinting and energy alignment by its founders Murray and Shirley Ansell.


All of us attract what we experience in response to our subconscious programming, which calibrates our energy field to attract or repel accordingly. Readers of this version of Human Energetics receive the benefit of intentional imprinting of high frequency consciousness and light for one week following each reading. The effect of this is to transform the reader's consciousness and energy to reveal and transform what is needed for the next phase of the reader's business growth.

Once you've read through the introduction, you don't need to read it again. So, at just 10 pages, Human Energetics will teach you about how your energy works, and transform your consciousness and energy, in just 15-20 minutes per week for amazing and permanent positive change.


We are currently offering this product on a one month trial basis (i.e. 4 weekly readings and transformations) for a discounted price of $50 in exchange for user feedback on the product's effects during each of those 4 weeks.


Compare that with a projected list price of $99/month when the trial period ends.


The technology behind this product is proven over many years of use and this is a one-time offer for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

     Price:  $50  (for 1 month of use, while trial lasts.)

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