Our unique energy coaching services help our clients increase both their potential and their results by identifying and eliminating the deepest roots of all inner blocks and barriers to achievement of their most deeply held desires for their life and business. 
Peak Performer
Increase your peak performance potential

Peak Performer is a 24 week journey of self-discovery that helps you shed the subconscious debris from not yet knowing who you really are and the magnificent life purpose you have the potential to fulfill. By doing so, you align yourself with this purpose mentally, physically and spiritually, giving you the potential to fulfill your highest purpose.

Practical benefits from taking Peak Performer include (i) a sense of peace no matter your circumstances, (ii) clear connection with Infinite Intelligence to guide you in every moment, and (iii) the experience of constant synchronicity as life responds effortlessly to your deepest desires.

Maximize your newly enhanced potential

Accelerator is designed for those who have completed Peak Performer and want to maximize the use of their new, far greater creative power. Completion of Peak Performer is similar to being re-born into a new energy profile, which you now need to learn how to use.

Our business energy coaches have been through this themselves, and use their inner guidance and energy to help you understand how your new energy and gifts can best be used to start fulfilling your highest purpose. Accelerator sessions will be goal based, as you break down your vision of your purpose into intentions or goals, and your business energy coach helps you quickly align with and achieve those goals.


“The purpose of Business Energy Coaching is to help you live your business dreams. Do you know your purpose? Or perhaps you need help turning it into a thriving business? We offer a free 25-minute introductory strategy session to help you get clear about what you need, and how we can help. So what are you waiting for, let's talk." 

Murray Ansell, Co-Founder, Business Energy Coaching

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