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Today's business world is constantly changing. With seismic shifts in geopolitics, technology and societal norms, what worked last year may not work today. CEOs need new skills not yet taught at B-school including enhanced intuition, purposeful vision, and constant self-development to inspire their teams to consistent success...​

​Our mission is to help you fulfill yours, quickly and successfully. Doing so requires subconscious alignment with the highest vision for your business. Our Be The Change program is the fastest way to know your life purpose and embody it within a thriving business. Let us help you and your business fulfill your full potential...


We coached with the Executive Chairman of a tech startup with substantial, immediate capital needs. Our Business Energy Coach explored his company's funding patterns and discovered the subconscious roots of what had been blocking his flow. Capital flowed in immediately after every coaching call ...


Business can be a force for good

Our goal at Business Energy Coaching is to empower business owners and leaders to grow their businesses by serving the common good.

It's a common misconception that you can either optimize profit or do good, and that they are mutually exclusive.

We have found quite the opposite, and that customer and employee loyalty skyrockets when your business is based upon caring core values.  Allow us to show you how.


As Executive Chairman of a small, technology-based start-up, the constant stresses involved with a continuing cycle of capital raising was putting a lot of stress on me, my wife and our marriage. Our work on my money issues has yielded amazing resultsEvery time we had a session, money would arrive from investors shortly thereafter. The direct link between our business energy coaching and my “money flow” soon became very clear.”

Paul Bosher, Executive Chairman​​​

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