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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Accelerate your business growth with Business Energy Coaching



Have you ever seen a world-class athlete succeed at the highest level who hasn't used coaches to get to the pinnacle of their sport?  These days athletes have coaches for both the physical and mental aspects of their sport, as they know that without the right mental focus, they can't reach or sustain excellence.


Our coaches focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities, identifying both the practical and "inner" blocks and barriers to your success, and help you overcome them with easy to use, yet powerful insights and strategies. We bring deep, peak performance expertise, but are known for our fun approach to work. We love what we do and we love bringing success to our clients.


Unless you have lived the life you aspire to, it's likely there are things you need to master that you're not currently aware of.  Our coaches help you create and hold an inspiring vision for your life and business that aligns your thoughts, words, actions and energy to make those visions reality.

Supplement coaching with practical consulting support



Holistic business planning allows business owners to create a clear, inspiring vision for their life and business, and identify all elements required to make that vision a reality.  


This includes an accounting system that provides timely and relevant information for efficiently manage cash flow and measure business progress whenever and from wherever you choose, the right funding options for your business's stage of development, on and offline marketing strategies to help meet your growth goals, and other issues such as business entity selection, tax planning, sales funnel optimization and so on.

Our solutions are innovative and effective, and target the deepest roots of what holds your business back, positioning your business for the next step in its growth ... optimization.

Optimize your business with an inspiring vision and aligned staff



Why run your business at a fraction of its true potential?  Recent research by partners at a leading management consulting firm suggests that as much as 50-70% of a business's energy is wasted when staff are out of alignment with the corporate vision.


In our experience, at least part of the reason for the lack of alignment is the uninspiring nature of the vision. Often a vision statement is focused on financial rewards rather than contribution, and when it is replaced with a vision that has a meaningful purpose that makes a positive difference in the world, it energizes and focuses the leader, attracts those who resonate with the vision and encourages those who don't to leave and find something else that does inspire them.


Allow us to help optimize your business, starting with a vision overhaul, then bedding this in by ensuring you and your staff are engaged, aligned and optimized in their work.​


“Apart from that, several world-class companies and government agencies have become interested in our technology since we started our coaching, which will give us a strong market presence in Japan, Thailand, the US, and UK. There is no doubt in my mind that my work with Murray and Shirley has contributed greatly to this increase in business momentum...”

Paul Bosher, Executive Chairman

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