Entrepreneur staying centered to grow her business


Struggling to cope with uncertainty and change in your business?


Feeling controlled by events that seem beyond your control?


Looking for a way to take control over your mind, emotions and business results?


You've come to the right place!  Group energy coaching helps participants take control of their life by transforming their mental and emotional energy. As our mind, body and spirit are all energy, energy coaching is a way to identify, understand and quickly transform all unconscious roots to any negative experience or pattern, so the experiences that consciousness is attracting quickly fade away.

You can also use energy coaching to accelerate achievement of your business goals. As we attract what we experience from our consciousness and energy, by identifying and transforming the consciousness that is blocking our progress we can achieve our goals far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.


Currently we offer 1-hour group energy coaching sessions on the first 4 Thursdays of each month hosted by Business Energy Coaching co-founder Murray Ansell using Zoom. Participants are invited to email us prior to each session a description of the issue they most need resolved, whether problem or goal related. Murray will select the 6 issues he feels guided to address for each session, and more if time allows.


However, should your submission not be selected, don't despair. You will still get plenty of value from every call. That's because we are all connected through the collective consciousness, as well as all sharing much the same ancestral consciousness. So, whatever is addressed will transform and resolve for everyone on the call, typically leading to feeling "lightness", relaxed and/or energized by the end of the hour.

The next group energy coaching session will be held 6pm (US-Pacific) March 10th, 2022. Participants enroll on a monthly subscription basis at $997/month.

Sign up for the next group energy coaching sessions today to start re-taking control and consciously creating your life!