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Transform your business


Now that you know your unique and magnificent purpose, it's time to embody it within the ideal business vehicle, and start bringing your work to its intended audience. Would it be helpful to have an advisor who can not only know the best next steps in growing your business, but also keep you energetically aligned with success every step of the way?

Murray Ansell, co-founder of Business Energy Coaching, qualified as a "Big 4" trained Chartered Accountant, is an Enrolled Agent regarding US tax matters, has worked in investment and commercial banking, and ran a new product and technology licensing agency before co-founding Life Energy Coaching and Business Energy Coaching. And he also has a unique ability, with his clients' permission, to tune in with their Soul to receive its guidance as to best next steps, and can align his clients' consciousness and energy to ensure those steps are achieved far more quickly and elegantly than would otherwise be possible.

Murray has created a variety of uniquely powerful programs and processes to help his clients grow their purpose-driven businesses quickly and successfully. These include programs to align his clients' consciousness and energy with heart-centered business, enlightened wealth, and conscious relationship, as well as group energy coaching and private energy coaching to help his clients remove all inner blocks and barriers to achieving their personal and business goals.

Whether you have an existing business you'd like accelerated to greater success, or a purpose-led business idea you'd like to bring to life, contact us today, book a free strategy session, and let's discuss your best next steps.

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