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Invite us to inspire your leadership groups
Invite us to inspire your audience
Increase productivity by joining our group energy coaching teleworkshops

Leadership Groups


The energy of the leader directly impacts the demeanor and performance of the group being led. Our leadership group events are designed to enhance your influence and effortlessly improve your performance and that of your team. 


If you run one or more leadership groups and your members would like an "unfair advantage" over their competitors, invite Murray Ansell to conduct a workshop for your group.


Attendees at his workshops typically report feeling more relaxed (no matter their circumstances),  more energized, more effective, and enjoying their life and work as never before.



Want fast improvement in all areas of your business?


Book Murray Ansell as a keynote speaker for your next conference and allow him to give your business or associations a "tune up" one audience member at a time. Murray customizes his coaching to the needs of his audiences, amazing and transforming them, as they learn how to use their energy to get results at work and in their personal relationships.                                                                                            

Then, if you'd like to continue growing your organization through regular "tune ups", consider scheduling Murray for Teleconferences addressing either general or specialized topics.



Find it challenging arranging trainings without inconveniencing your customers?


Want meetings that actually increase productivity?


Talk to us about our powerful group energy coaching teleworkshops.  These are typically 60-90 minutes in duration, and can be used to increase sales, improve teamwork, reduce stress, or be customized for any other purpose relevant to your business.


Energy coaching is at the leading edge of peak performance technology.  Give your business the edge and contact us today.

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