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We help entrepreneurs thrive in business by discovering their deepest passion, and building a successful business around that passion.  Our clients live purposeful, fulfilling lives, get paid well for being themselves, and enjoy every moment of their life and business.

Murray Ansell

Murray Ansell
Lead Consultant and Business Coach

Following a diverse professional career in "Big 4" accounting, investment banking, commercial banking and new product commercialization, Murray realized there is more to life than following the money, and decided to follow his heart.


His insights into the deepest drivers of human behavior, and unique gift for energy transformation have earned Murray the nickname "the energy surgeon", and allow him to help anyone who wants the most out of life to make both the behavioral and practical changes needed to live their life and business dreams.



Shirley Ansell
Shirley Ansell
CEO Coach

Shirley is a truly international citizen, having grown up in the Middle-East, moved to west Africa in her early teens, then to the US 2 years later.  She had a successful career with 3 major international banks, as an Operations team leader and Corporate Vice President.


After marrying Murray, she then applied her leadership skills to raising their twin boys, and joining Murray as co-founder of Life Energy Coaching in 2005.


Shirley is a natural leadership coach, with excellent relationship skills, clear intuition, strong business experience, and a deep passion for her clients' success.


“The purpose of Business Energy Coaching is to help you live your business dreams. Do you know your purpose? Or perhaps you need help turning it into a thriving business? We offer a free 25-minute strategy session to help you get clear about what you need, and how we can help. So what are you waiting for, let's talk." 

Murray Ansell, Co-Founder, Business Energy Coaching

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