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Transforming the world by transforming oneself


Ever wondered why the world is facing such huge challenges right now?


Want to know the roots of these challenges and how to help solve them doing what you love?


Open to learning how to use the power of business to magnify your positive impact in the world?


Business Energy Coaching was created by the founders of Life Energy Coaching to fast-track those with a passion for change into founding their own purpose-driven business, as a vehicle for them to magnify their influence, and be the change they want to see in the world. Business Energy Coaching offers a 3-step path to purpose-driven business success:

Step 1:  Securing Financial Stability and Resourcefulness

Step 2:  Discovering Your True Self and Unique Purpose

Step 3:  Building Your Purpose-Driven Business

It is no accident that you are on this planet at this time. You have unique gifts and talents to contribute to transforming this planet into the harmonious, collaborative paradise it has the potential to be.


The question is, will you step up and be the magnificent change agent you came here to be, or will you continue to allow others to design the world you live in?


I know from 21 years experience of personal transformation, including 19 years coaching others' transformation, that you have unlimited potential to be a powerfully successful change agent and leader. The "Be The Change" program is designed to transform and dissolve all your inner blocks and barriers that have prevented you from seeing your true potential, and being who you came here to be. If you'd like to get all your questions answered about how to make this potential your reality, let's talk. Discovery sessions are on us.

To your ever-increasing success!

Murray Ansell

Conscious Business Accelerator

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