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Here is what our clients have to say about the difference we have made for their businesses:


“As Executive Chairman of a small, technology-based start-up, the constant stresses involved with a continuing cycle of capital raising was putting a lot of stress on me, my wife and our marriage.  Our work on my money issues has yielded amazing results.  Every time we had a session, money would arrive from investors shortly thereafter. The direct link between our energy coaching and my “money flow” soon became very clear. Apart from that, several world-class companies and government agencies have become interested in our technology since we started our energy work, which will give us a strong market presence in Japan, Thailand, the US, and UK. There is no doubt in my mind that my work with Murray and Shirley has contributed greatly to this increase in business momentum.”

Paul Bosher, Executive Chairman

“I wanted to let you know that after the call at the beginning of March my business was booming! I have even had to turn people down because I was beginning to feel 'burned out' from treating so many clients. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I always get amazing results after participating in your programs..”

Gloria Flores, Cranial-Sacral Practitioner

"I wanted to let you know that yesterday I found out that the major legal hump in my deal with the studio is just about over. The author's deal was the most complicated to work out and it's just about done. Now on to the final phase of legal... the director's deal. But we're hoping this won't nearly take as long. 


I really appreciate the words you shared about not fearing the legal process last week on the teleconference and, furthermore, I really appreciate the vision you've provided me through this whole process -- before I even knew that I would have this opportunity.


Thanks again for all your great work!"  (This deal had been stalled for 6 months prior to our coaching)

Anonymous, Movie Producer (due to deal sensitivity)

“Murray's eye-opening ability to intuitively access everyone's purpose and use that information to transform the way they view money was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The results I got from his work were beyond my expectation and I haven't been able to stop singing his praises since. My income has more than tripled and I am so grateful that I can use what he taught me as a touchstone to shed my money blocks.”

Sarah Grear, owner of Amplify Your Voice (

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